PURE ARGAN OIL - Our Superpowered Star Oil

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This do-it-all oil effortlessly sinks in, soaking skin in hydration and leaving behind a dewy glow. With its abundance of fatty acids and antioxidants this wonder-worker combats free radicals, dark spots, and signs of aging and non-comedogenic making it perfect for all skin types.  


Find it in:Argan Body Oils & 100% Pure Argan Oil

This Instant Hydration & Barrier Boosting liquid gold works as a face oil, lip salve, eye treatment, hair serum, cuticle oil, nourishing lubricant and more.

Use as a face oil and instantly smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and dryness,leaving behind a luminous glow. Add with your favorite face lotion to increase hydration and seal in the underlying ingredients, apply as the final step in your skincare routine.



As a hair oil or mask. This lightweight oil works great for thirsty hair needing hydration and for dry or damaged ends seeking smoothness and a touch of gloss.

Packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it’s perfect for keeping cuticles conditioned and nourished.

For an amazing afterglow, use alone or with a partner to provide nourishing lubrication for magical moments in the bedroom.

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