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Living a sustainable conscious life is a journey, a lifelong journey of continuous improvement. We aim to inspire progress not perfection...

We consciously craft skin-loving tinctures for self care.

We’ve learned not every natural ingredient is good for the skin or ethically sourced, nor is every synthetic bad. For us, consciously crafted is where those two collide— with consciously, carefully-chosen ingredients & packaging.

Minimizing our packaging footprint

We never package with unnecessary outer product boxes.

Why does that matter? The cardboard that envelops perfumes, soaps and moisturizers contribute to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year. We can do better.

We are committed to reducing our Eco-footprint.

Reusing shipping, raw materials, packaging and supplies as well as finding purpose and beauty in imperfect products…favouring originality over perfection. We design with beauty, eccentricity & creativity on the package that will remain. We hope you love it so much it will become; re-purposed, refilled and in the end recycled.

You will hear laughter

Learning, journeying, creating and empowering one another. You will hear laughter, see creativity flowing and feel our magnetic energy resonating throughout everything we do. With this amazing sense of community - we are truly able to create magic.

Fostering trust with team retreats...

from letting loose in Vegas to spiritual awakening in British Columbia's Kootenays. Great pride is taken in our hand crafted products and our company values. No matter what position a Goddess holds - their talents and opinions hold incredible value. When a new idea is born, every member is involved in the collaboration.

We are truly able to create magic.

As a company, we include many well-being practices into our working environment. Bonding trips, spiritual retreats and our weekly favourite - Wellness Wednesdays - in which every member of our team takes a turn hosting a form of well-being in our office space. We truly believe these practices spill over into our products, our customer service
and the gratitude we have for our ever-growing Order of Goddesses.

Giving Back...

We see the importance of contributing to our local community and giving back to organizations who look after people and planet.

A special night for moms and caregivers of children with autism, dedicated to self-care.


Indulging is good, and giving to a worthy cause makes you feel even better!

During the holiday season when you treat yourself or someone you love to Barefoot Venus’ special edition “ginger snap” a portion of every sale goes to increase awareness and support grassroots Autism organizations including our special Goddess on the go night out.